This Sunday (June 2nd), our parish choir will sing the Eucharist in St Peter’s Church, Drogheda. The liturgy will be led by Rev Iain Jamieson and the choir will sing ‘The Canterbury Mass’ by Piccolo and ‘Ave Verum’ by Mawby.
Evensong will be sung in Dunany, Rose responses, Sumsion in G and Batten ‘O sing joyfully’.
The parish will welcome the choir of St Michael’s from Sweden to sing the Eucharist.
Congratulations to Ian Keatley who features on many a choral score in the choir library. Ian was an excellent chorister and is pictured, aged 7, standing in front of the high altar at Southwark Cathedral whilst on choir tour with St George’s in 1989. He now takes up the position of Director of Music. We wish you all the very best and know that the musical life and witness of Southwark Cathedral will be greatly enriched by you.

Evan, Fergus and Max installed full choristers

Welcome to Evan, Fergus and Max as they were installed full choristers at Evensong this afternoon. The choir sang Stanford in A and I was glad, ( 100 years to the day since the death of its composer, Parry.) we also welcomed 13 new probationers last Friday, with a few more to follow. Thank you to the parents who commit to becoming chorister parents, a role which can be quite demanding!
Next Sunday, the choir sings the Eucharist in St Anne’s Cathedral, while we welcome their choir to sing our Eucharist.

New choir term begins

The new choir term started really well with wonderful singing from the trebles and gentlemen, masterfully accompanied by Stephen Hamill. David was delighted to welcome Evan, Fergus, Charlie and Max as cassock boys, and Des Havlin as senior Choral Scholar while he studied at QUB.
Featured is Hector King, one of the four exam candidates who scored really high distinction in his grade 7 ABRSM singing exam last June. The others will feature in future posts.
We look forward to seeing the Chamber Choir next Sunday afternoon for their return.