Advent, Christmas and Epiphany 2021-22

NB: Because these services  – ADVENT CAROL SERVICE, CHRISTMAS CAROL SERVICE AND MIDNIGHT FESTIVAL EUCHARIST – attract a large congregation, again this year we will have to adhere to the regulation of one metre (just over 3 feet) social distancing and consequently will have to limit the number attending. For this reason therefore, for these three services only, we will be using a booking system.

COP26 Rally at Belfast City Hall

A rally will be held on Saturday 6th November at 1pm at Belfast City Hall.
Those who are concerned for the future of our planet and all living creatures on it will be turning up to show the participants of COP26 that there is no more time to waste.
Action is needed now. Please join the group leaving St George’s at noon to meet others at Cornmarket and walk to the City Hall. The more who come the louder is our voice for progress.